#HorseOOTD: On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink!

In honor of the U.S. National Pony Finals, my favorite comedy of the 21st century, “Mean Girls”, and the fact that we all wear too much beige and black, we’ve put together a collection of the pinkest, sparkliest, girliest pony outfit we could find, and have our fingers crossed that someone who needed this in their life will buy everything on the list and put it on a very serious pony named something like “Majesty’s Winchester Mahogany Stout,” who simply goes by “Fred” in the barn.

You can click on any hyperlinked item below to get to Nation Media’s Polyvore site, where you can find out more information about each item and visit the website where we found each darling little pink pizzaz maker.


HorseOOTD: On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink!