Introducing: Horse Outfit of the Day #HOOTD

Regular people have #ootd. Equestrians have #rootd. But let’s be honest: you sink much more of your hard-earned cash into your horse’s look than your own, so doesn’t he or she deserve a hashtag to share their flair? Introducing the next big thing: #hootd

Today’s look fit for a king in the jumper ring is brought to you by the good folks at World Equestrian Brands, and the name of the look is CLASSY.


HOOTD from World Equestrian Brands


World Equestrian Brands – AMERIGO DEEP JUMP
Amerigo saddles are created by Peter Menet for top level performance, with correct anatomical design based on equine biomechanics. The Amerigo Deep Seat Jump Saddle is typically used for backs with moderate withers. Excellent for larger warmbloods. Also a problem solver for shorter backed horses such as Quarter Horses, Arabians, and square-bodied warmbloods without extreme thoroughbred influence. Price based on selected options.

World Equestrian Brands – SQUARE RAISED FIGURE 8 BRIDLE
Vespucci square raised figure 8 bridle with padded crown piece available in black or brown, cob or horse. Top quality, exceptional leather. $280

World Equestrian Brands – CONTOUR PAD, EDGE TRIM
E.A. Mattes Platinum Collection Contour Pad with genuine sheepskin trim. The binding, cloth, and sheepskin color are all completely customizable, and comes in multiple sizes for precise fitting to your saddle seat. $325

World Equestrian Brands – Pialotta Open Front Boots II with Velcro
Designed in conjunction with Edwina Tops-Alexander, for minimum bulk and maximum protection for even the finest legs. Lined with calfskin to reduce the risk of overheating during use. $350

A versatile breastplate featuring elastic inserts for freedom of movement. Buckle adjustments at the shoulder and girth. D-ring attachment snaps for easy on/off. Running attachment is adjustable. $295

World Equestrian Brands – STIRRUP IRONS
Amerigo Stirrup Irons are made from aluminum and the special design of the surface holes creates a self-cleaning tread, as well as excellent grip for all types of boots.  The new Amerigo stirrup iron combines hi-tech qualities and comfort, in keeping with Amerigo’s philosophy aimed at innovation and attention to detail for both horse and rider.


If you and your valiant steed have a tackfit to share with the world, be sure to hashtag it with #HOOTD for a chance to be featured JN!