How Russian Equestrians Celebrate New Years Eve: Back at the Barn with Kentucky Performance Products

New Years Eve is a pretty big deal in Russia, and the hard core horse kids aren’t ones to be left out. They make the most of the celebration at home on their fuzzies, come Hell or high water, (and by high water, we naturally mean a foot of snow.)

The reason for this month-long obsession with the start of a new year goes back to the days of the Soviet Union, when most holidays and particularly religious holidays were banned. Russians weren’t supposed to celebrate Christmas, but even the Stalinest of Stalins (you know, Stalin) couldn’t quite abandon a little tree decorating and gift giving in the cold dark quiet of winter. So instead, they went full out on Novy God, a Russian phrase for the new year.

You get to put up a tree, wait for “Grandfather Frost” and his beautiful granddaughter Snegurochka to bring you presents, and generally celebrate with revelry, merriment, and in the case of the horse folk, a snowy barn party with jumping and skijoring. (There’s also an evil witch involved named Baba Yaga, which we totally support. What barn dynamic is complete without at least one of those?)

In the woodsy lake districts outside St. Petersburg is a riding academy on Korkinson Lake that puts on a fine New Years affair for several weeks of the winter, and we’re sharing the magic with you!

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No matter where you live, happy new year, and go jumping.

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