They almost never hold horse shows at Madison Square Garden anymre, and I’m guessing it’s for this very reason: It’s too darn hard to navigate several hundred horses into the downtown urban center of a sprawling city without causing nightmares and headaches for everyone involved.

But since 2000, when the Washington International Horse Show first changed to its current venue at the Verizon Center in downtown Washington D.C., they’ve been righteously rocking the downtown vibe like it’s no big thing.

I’ve been to the WIHS and seen how they close down city streets to put in barns and heard how they bring the horses in 20 at time on the classiest shipping containers you can imagine, but now we can all get a front row seat to see exactly how they do it!

Check out this 30 second time lapse showing how they manage to get hundreds of horses into Chinatown like it’s no big thing, courtesy of Kentucky Performance Products.

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Go Jumping.

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