Instagram Roundup from Bolesworth International, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

The CSI2* Bolesworth International wrapped up this weekend after a thrilling five days of competition. With a schedule including jumper and dressage competition, the Bolesworth Elite Auction, puissance and more, there wasn’t a dull moment throughout the week. We’ve partnered up with Kentucky Performance Products to bring you some of our favorite Instagram shares from this exciting event across the pond.

Carmen Edwards on Happy Valerie at Bolesworth 2018

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Sorry ive been do inactive! My sister has been busy! I’ve had a hectic day! My sister has worked away at a huge international horse show this weekend so we had to go and pick her up! Whilst I was there I saw Bolesworth castle, then we decided to enter a dog show! I came 1st in the most handsome male out of loss of dogs! Then 4th in the dog the judge would most want to take home! Then on my third class I lost the plot slightly and couldn’t contain my excitement😂 I also met my sisters friends! I jumped straight up to kiss them! I use to be so terrified of people (especially tall men like them, but now I’m confident!) hope you’ve had a good weekend ❤️ #bolesworthinternational #bolesworthcastle #bolesworth #rescuepuppy #rescuedog #romanianrescuedog

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When your horse has been a total legend ❤️photo credit- @zlberesford

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