It’s That Time of Year…Cute Foal Alert! Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

It’s May, and that means that around the world, many of the cutest, fuzziest foals are dropping!  Be still, our hearts.  One day, these foals will grow up to jump giant fences, half-pass through a dressage test, beat other horses in the Triple Crown, or even run barrels.  Who knows…they’re just living their best lives for now and enjoying it.  We teamed up with Kentucky Performance Products to bring you the cutest foals we could find.  Gallop on!

This one is a little show off.

Best fluffy ears ever.

We completely agree with this foal’s life motto of napping full-time.

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Nap time for all! #FoalFriday

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Zenyatta has a new foal!

Squad goals.

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Sprinting with the squad #FoalFriday

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Go Jumping!

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