Jumper Nation Clinic: Geoff Teall & Montoga, Inc./Geoff Teall Virtual Training

Jumper Nation Clinic continues with a new exercise to try at home.  Jumper Nation has teamed up with top, respected riders who we love for both their horsemanship and their creativity with exercises they use at home.  Each week, we’ll be bringing you a new grid or exercise to try at home.  You’ll be primed and ready for the show ring when we are able to get out there again!

This week’s featured grid is courtesy of Geoff Teall, who operates his own training business, Montoga, out of Wellington, Florida and most recently launched a new endeavor, Geoff Teall Virtual Training.

Diagram courtesy Geoff Teall.

This exercise consists of:

  • A five-stride line consisting of an oxer and a vertical, set 72′ apart
  • The five-stride line can be jumped going either way
  • Two verticals set diagonally towards the side of the arena or available space
  • The two diagonal verticals can be jumped singly and assist in reversing direction, as well as assist in slowing down, regrouping, and rebalancing before going back to the line or doing another exercise that may be in the ring
  • Fence heights can vary based on horse/rider ability
  • It is okay to start lower, then build the fences up as you both gain confidence

Geoff Teall states, “I always have [this exercise] available in my ring to use.  From here, I can set all sorts of different courses in and around this exercise and still have this available if I need it.  Basically, it is a five-stride line that can be jumped in both directions based on a 12′ stride.  The two diagonal jumps are used to reverse direction and enable to have the rider do the five-stride line back and forth.”

He continues, “I like this exercise as it gives riders a great sense of the pace they need on any horse to work over a course of jumps.  The two jumps on the diagonals give the rider the feel for slowing down, regrouping, and then getting back to the pace they would need for the five strides again.”

Why five strides?  Why not six, or three?  Geoff adds, “I like five strides as it allows the riders enough strides to adjust fairly easily if they don’t have exactly the right jump in, but not so many strides that this becomes too easy.”

Photo by Alina Brazzil/USHJA Archives.

About Geoff Teall

Geoff Teall is a renowned USEF “R” judge and a veteran in the hunter/jumper industry – in competing, training, and governance.  He has served as President of the American Hunter Jumper Foundation, Vice President of the USHJA, and held seats on the Board of Directors of the USHJA, the AHJF, the USHJA Foundation, and the USEF.

About Geoff Teall Virtual Training

Geoff Teall Virtual Training is a new endeavor that Geoff started in the light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, where riders may not be able to travel for coaching or may simply be seeking additional guidance.  Riders can submit a riding video, and Geoff will provide 30 minutes of virtual coaching via phone/email.  For more information, visit Geoff Teall Virtual Training on Facebook, or email Geoff Teall directly at: gcteall@gmail.com to get started.

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