Look Back: A Day at LGCT Saint Tropez, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

It’s April.  Typically April is a lovely, spring month full of blooming flowers, refreshing drizzles, and chirping wildlife.  This season though, is proving for many of us to be…cold.  Many of us have woken up to snow on the ground, frozen windshields, and in some areas of the southern US – even tornadoes!  I’m looking forward to a few days of consistent sun and wind gusts below 40mph.  In the meantime, we partnered with Kentucky Performance Products to bring you a look back on tropic sun and beaches in Saint Tropez, at the Longines Global Champion Tour 2019.

For the LGCT Tour 2020, competition has been postponed up until Ramatuelle/Saint Tropez, which still has dates on the calendar for May 28-30, 2020  – and so far the show looks like it will go on.

Let’s soak up some (virtual) sun and dream of the tropics!


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