Love Dogs AND Naps? Presented by Draper Therapies

We’ve got just the blanket for you.

“We’re helping people help dogs and take better naps. You have to do what you believe in, morally and from a business perspective. And I believe in this (Draped in Health Blanket) campaign so much it gives me goosebumps.” —Becky Shipps, Draper Therapies Manager

Here at Jumper Nation, we hereby declare October 1st the beginning of Draped in Health Blanket season. Chillier weather means better naps and better snuggles. And some new Draped in Health Blankets.

For those of you new to all things Draper, the Draped in Health (DIH) Blankets were developed as a way to give back to causes near and dear to the the team’s heart. The DIH Blankets serve a dual purpose: they use up extra fiber in the mill that would otherwise end up in a landfill and 50% of their proceeds is donated to charity.

“For several years the proceeds from the DIH Blankets went to the University of Michigan’s Cancer Center,” says Draper Therapies Manager Becky Shipps. “Then, in November 2017, I proposed we shift our focus to another worthy cause that I’ve championed for some time: dog rescue.”

“Earlier in 2017, I had adopted a senior dog, Clementine, from a small rescue in New York City called Beastly Rescue Inc. They’re woman owned and operated, focus on senior and high-risk dogs, and genuinely authentic. It’s the kind of operation we want to support.”

In 2018, the Draped in Health Blanket campaign raised $1762.50 for Beastly Rescue. This year, the company’s goal is to be able to donate $2,000. They are currently at $412.50 for the year.

“I know we can hit our goal for the year. These blankets make fantastic gifts – they’re big, ridiculously soft, and we’re now offering five colors so there’s something for everyone,” says Becky. “Add in all the benefits of FDA determined Celliant® and voilà , the best blanket ever.”

Available colors include Seafoam/Charcoal, Raspberry/Charcoal, and Gold/Charcoal. Two new colors, Melon/Charcoal and Clementine/Charcoal, will be available by mid October.

“I’m especially excited to introduce the Clementine/Charcoal combination. It’s a little tribute to a tiny senior dog that’s changed my life for the better. It’s also the color of the Beastly logo, so we’re proud to tie that in, too.”

Ready to be a part of the Draped in Health Blanket campaign? Get a blanket for yourself or give one as a gift. It’s a win-win, for the dogs, for the environment, and especially for whoever gets to keep the blanket! Order yours here.

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To read more about Celliant® and the Draped in Health Blankets, click here.

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