Lucy Davis and Scott Brash Riding on the Beach is Everything, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

What, you’ve never ridden your multi-million dollar horse across a Los Angeles intersection to go swimming in the ocean? You’re definitely missing out then, say Lucy Davis and Scott Brash. The riders are in Long Beach for the Longines Masters and decided to take their phenoms for a little dip in the sparkling Pacific Ocean, and we got to watch it unfold.

In fact, numerous equestrian disciplines hail the practice of beach riding as a transformative element to a horse’s training regimen, touting the effort of crossing the deep sand, the resistance of the water, the healing qualities of cold salt water on joints and muscles, and of course the positive desensitization to what must be a totally surreal experience for horses who aren’t used to such a sight.

Scott and Lucy both have multiple entries this week at the Longines Masters, including big Grand Prix class Saturday night. Best of luck to them both, and be sure to keep it locked in Jumper Nation for all the Longines Masters updates!

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Go Jumping.

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