Masters of Mane Pulling – Back at the Barn with Kentucky Performance Products

Y’all really know your business when it comes to mane pulling. Not only are those tresses looking lit, but you remember the one crucial step that I always forget, even if I had it tattooed inside my eyelids and changed the home screen of my iPhone: YOU GET A BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURE.

I’m so impressed, JN. You really are the cream of the human crop. Below are 12 fabulous before and after mane pulling masters, and it makes my perfectionist heart flutter with joy.

(Also, if you’re looking to improve your own mane-pulling game, we recommend taking a look at some of the superb advice offered by our friend Ruthann Smith of Lucky Braids, one of the most acclaimed professional groomers in the country. She gives some great pointers on pulling vs. shortening, scheduling and planning a successful pulling session, and keeping your horse’s hair healthy.)

Snow pony to show pony! You wouldn't believe it's the same pony! #horsegrooming #bodyclipping #pony #manepulling #grooming

A photo posted by A. Geerlinks Grooming Services (@a.geerlinksgrooming) on

This makes the little gold personality I have pleased. #manepulling

A photo posted by Jenna Gaynor (@jennagaynor) on

That time of year, smarten up the horses ready for cubbing to start. #horse #hunting #manepulling #cantwait

A photo posted by Lottie Scannell (@lottiescannell) on

Did the ponies mane today.. #manepulling

A photo posted by Moe Ugenti (@moemoe_313) on


Spent two hours on Tuesday making my horse look presentable. No more hobo horse. #grooming #manepulling #OTTB

A photo posted by Leah Sluis (@leah_sluis) on

Gotta love that satisfaction! #horsesofinstagram #mane #manepulling #equestrianproblems

A photo posted by Alexis Ramsay (@safachick) on

Before and after! Sienna's mane looks so much better when it's pulled? #manepulling #solocomb

A photo posted by Kelsey Decker (@kelsey_decker96) on

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