Gift guides are coming out like crazy. While I have been drooling over most of their contents, I thought it would be fun to put together a realistic list of what horse people really want… and by that I mean dream barns, dream horses and dream tack rooms! What would you add to this roundup?

Seriously though…


I’ll take one of these, please


… and one of these!


You might as well toss in one of these for good measure.


I am definitely going to need a bigger barn to put all of these wonderful horses in. One of these will suffice. 


If that one is a bit too big for my stocking, one of these will get the job done.


It is all about the tack room, isn’t it? Here is a design option that I could live with.


Another alternative if that one doesn’t work out. 


No Christmas present is complete without a wonderful indoor arena to enjoy!


But I wouldn’t mind a nice outdoor ring either. 


And of course to top it all off, a separate stocking full of this would be greatly appreciated.



But I will probably just wind up with this…


Go Jumping!









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