Perfect Present Ideas for the Horse Show Parent, Presented by Draper Therapies

Horse show moms and dads truly are the unsung heroes of the horse show world. Most of their time is spent behind-the-scenes playing horse-holder, boot duster and, of course, our biggest cheerleaders. This holiday season buy them a gift they can put to good use while they sit ringside filming your every ride. JN paired up with Draper Therapies to concoct this list of practical parent-approved gifts your horse show parents will love.

A Comfortable Place to Relax

Horse show seating isn’t exactly known for its all-day comfort, especially at outdoor shows. We LOVE this Coleman portable chair for several reasons. Firstly, the price: You can snag this bad boy off of Amazon for just $34.99 ($25.00 if you are an Amazon Prime member). Second, there are tons of color options for you to choose from. Your parents will also love that this chair light-weight, making it easy to tote around the show grounds throughout the day. The fully-cushioned back and seat make this chair an instant improvement from sitting on the ground or navigating crowded bleachers, and the cupholders are just another added bonus!

Stylish Sun-Protection

You can’t go wrong with some stylish sun protection. From sunshirts, to a snazzy pair of sunglasses or even a one-of-a-kind hat from Manatash Millnery, you have tons of options when it comes to keeping your parents cool and comfortable.

Drinkware that Works 

Whether your horse show dad loves a warm cup of coffee early in the morning or your horse show mom wants to keep her iced beverage cool all day long, you can’t go wrong with one of Yeti’s many proven products. An easy go-to gift idea is their 30oz Rambler. Now, I am not a fan of hype products, but my husband SWEARS by Yeti products and when he purchased me a mini-cooler in seafoam green to keep in the back of my trailer, I didn’t complain. I couldn’t believe how long ice would last in this cooler and now I am a die-hard fan of Yeti products. I have a Rambler in almost every color and I can guarantee you that anyone can make great use of their products. And at just $34.99, you won’t break the bank.

Body Therapy that Works

If you are going to a horse show, more than likely you will be on your feet all day. As someone who lacks any kind of arch in their feet, I know how quickly discomfort can set in. The right pair of socks can remedy that situation fast and I love Draper Therapies’ Celient technology, for both my horse and myself! I think their Draper Body Therapy Active Socks are a great stocking stuffer idea for horse show parents. They help to increase  blood flow and oxygenation to the feet, which can decrease soreness associated with running all around the horse show grounds.

Winter Survival Essentials

If you are not retreating to warmer weather this winter, your horse show parents may appreciate some cool-weather gear to keep warm. Under Armour has a whole line of winter apparel that moms and dads are bound to love. My husband is a big fan of their UA Storm line and I LOVE the look of this men’s pullover.

Other options are scarves for layering, a nice pair of touchscreen compatible gloves or even a pack of Hot Hands in their stocking.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Tech

Tech gifts are always a great idea for horse show parents. After spending all day filming your round on their phone, their battery is bound to be zapped. Snag up one of many portable charger options off Amazon for a multi-purpose gift they will love. Other tech-related gift ideas are attachable lenses for your phone, WiFi hotspots for your laptop or Bluetooth headphones for taking phone calls or music on the go.


No matter what you buy, we know your horse show parent will just appreciate the thought behind the gift. This is the time of year to show people just how much they mean to you, and horse show moms and dads definitely deserve the recognition.

Go Horse Show Parents and Go Jumping!