Christmas Shopping for Your Pony Kid Made Simple

It’s that time of year again, scanning through catalogs and sale ads trying to find that one special item that stands out, the one thing you know would light up a certain kid’s face like the Christmas tree it would be found under on Christmas morning. For some kids, it’s toy cars or dinosaurs; for others, it’s baby dolls or animal playsets. Then there’s the few that can be nearly impossible to shop for. They don’t have an interest in most things that can be found on a shelf in a department store. Their rooms are filled with model horses and ribbons from shows, they wake up on Christmas morning, and to them, it’s just another day that’s perfect for riding. They aren’t your typical kids; they’re horse kids. You may be asking, “What exactly do I buy for these kids?” If so, you’re in luck. I’m here to provide you some great suggestions for that pony-loving kiddo you are shopping for!

Let’s keep it simple and start with the basic thing needed by all horse crazy kids: treats. Horse treats have come a long way and these days look so good that even I want to take a bite out of them. Treat companies can be found nearly everywhere, especially with the newer social media platforms. One of the most well-known and successful companies is Snaks5thAvenChew.

Photo submitted by Victoria Gomez

From fruits to junk food, unicorns, and mini pop-tarts, there’s something for everyone at Snaks. Along with the numerous combinations of treats available, they also cater to the pocketbook as well, offering single Snaks starting at $6.00 all the way to the $17.99 Collections. On top of their designs that are available year-round, they also maintain a tradition of creating Snak collections for every holiday as well as BirthNeigh Cakes with party accessories included for their special four-legged friend. You can’t go wrong with Snaks under the tree.

Taking it up a notch, how about something they can use when riding? Every kid that rides needs a helmet; however, finding helmets that can fit tiny heads can be difficult, especially finding ones that fit correctly. From personal experience, it took a lot of shopping around before I found one that fulfilled all the needs that I had for it. I wanted something safe, stylish, functional, and cost-efficient. It seemed that something was always missing from that list of qualities, but then I investigated Ovation helmets.

Photo submitted by Victoria Gomez

They start at a size XXS, which fit both of my children starting when they were under age two! Not only do they provide sizes for even the smallest of horse-crazy kids, but they had all my other qualities met as well. What’s better than finding a new helmet under the tree? Well, maybe a pony, but that’s for another time!

Moving forward with the riding theme, let’s bring in something they can use while riding, and that can be 100% them. Saddle pads come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Most of us cut back on the non-traditional types of pads once we hit a certain age, but kids love them. While you can easily go to your local tack store and get solid-colored pads, there is one place that goes above and beyond to make sure you have something that is truly YOU.

Photo submitted by Victoria Gomez

Klip Klop Shop is an online retailer specializing in completely custom saddle pads and polos. Whether you’re more of a superhero or a My Little Pony pad, they can make all your wild child dreams come true. On top of being fashionable, they’re also reasonably priced, starting at $35.00. They’d also fit well into a holiday-themed box with a bow.

Wanting something to help spruce up their riding attire but not sure what? You can never go wrong with a belt in any situation, including horseback riding! One of my go-to companies when looking at belts for younger riders is The Posh Pony.

Photo submitted by Victoria Gomez

Their belts are made of a flexible and soft material, have a secure yet simple buckle in the front, and come in many adorable designs. Once again, an ideal gift when it comes to customization and functionality. Whether riding for fun or competing in shows, kids will love showing off these belts, and you will love how pleasant the company is to work with. With a price tag of $29.99, I’m tempted to cover every inch of my Christmas tree in them.

Shopping for a little girl? Look no further than this next company, as I assure you, they will fall in love with any product you purchase from them. We’ve all seen it, little girls riding around on ponies with their hair in braids and bows more stylish than most of the accessories I have myself. From lessons and shows to non-horse functions, these bows are sure to catch everyone’s eyes and imaginations.

Photo submitted by Victoria Gomez

The go-to bow company for us is the one and only PonyTailBows. Seen in nearly every show arena and barn, they cater to even the smallest of riders with their new and improved Junior line, which features bow designs with one less row of ribbon. The bows start at $35.00, and the price increases with customization. They are even able to put names, initials, and slogans on the bows! If you’re like me and you can’t buy just one set, check out the Bow Box, a customizable way to store your bows without risking damage. At just $40.00, it would look great wrapped up in Christmas paper.

Whether you have a kid that shows or just enjoys riding for fun, this last company has something for you. Offering breeches, show coats, shadbellys, jodhpurs, polo shirts, exercise shirts, jackets, show shirts, jumper jackets, and puffer coats, Kaki Apparel is your one-stop shop when it comes to riding apparel. Sizes vary and can be worn all the way from leadline and throughout your rider’s junior years. Ranging in colors and styles, there is something for everyone. No matter the product you choose, you can be assured that stylish, functional, and comfortable will be used to describe it. Kaki Apparel is top of the line when it comes to cost efficiency and ensuring that your rider looks the part just as much as they feel it. Fill a Christmas bag or ten; these are items you don’t want to skip out on.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

Go Jumping!