Perfectly Pricked Pony Ears, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Is there anything cuter than a horse with a darling expression over fences? Perfectly pricked ears, tightly tucked knees, an excited gleam in their eye; horses who love their jobs just bring a smile to my face. We partnered up with Kentucky Performance Products to scour Instagram and seek out a handful of horses whose expressionsย  show just how much they love their jobs!

Go Jumping!

InsulinWiseTMย (Patent Pending)

Is your horse currently suffering from metabolic syndrome and insulin dysregulation?

Do you have a horse that is at risk for developing insulin resistance, or a horse with Cushingโ€™s (PPID) that may become insulin resistant?

Ask your vet about InsulinWiseโ„ข.


  • Maintains lower blood insulin levels, a marker of increased insulin sensitivity.
  • Reduces body weight.
  • Supports a decreased risk of laminitis in insulin-resistant horses.
  • Sustains normal insulin regulation, reducing the risk of developing insulin resistance in the future.

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