Photographer Lucio Landa’s Beautiful Black & White World

Lucio Landa makes his art pop by paring down its color palate.

Argentina-based photographer Lucio Landa has been capturing some absolutely stunning shots this season at the Winter Equestrian Festival. Lucio, whose clients include Hermès and the FEI, caught our attention earlier this year on Instagram (@landalucio), where his candid and action photography has amassed nearly 9,000 followers.

“As a lifestyle photographer, I don’t have a local student,” Lucio explains on his website, “My work begins outside my door and the only equipment required is a camera and a willingness to look for new perspectives.”

“Lighting comes courtesy of whatever is available: sun, sky, tungsten and neon. Photography, it’s more than just exotic locations and adventures. Photography for me, it’s about seeing my surroundings in my own way and trying to show it to the world as I see it.”

Some of Lucio’s most extraordinary work of late has been his black and white photos from WEF, which by simplifying the color scheme seem to draw more attention to his subjects and their surroundings. The emotion is magnified; the movement comes to life.

Here are 10 images we found particularly striking:

Learn more about Lucio Landa and his work by visiting his website,, and be sure to follow him on Instagram as well @landalucio.

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