Pony Jumpers: Kicking Butt and Taking Names, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

I give mad props to the tiny humans that can pilot a pony around an entire course and make it look effortless. My experiences with ponies have always been entertaining to say the least. After years of having drawn ponies at IHSA competitions because of my small stature, I have decided not to venture towards anything smaller than 15h for the remainder of my riding career for my own well-being. That being said, I think the kiddos that compete in the Pony Jumpers are pretty stinking cool. I mean, I can’t even point a full sized horse at a 1.10m jump without having a minor heart attack, let alone a 14h pony! In celebration of those brave pony jockeys, we have gathered up some super cool Pony Jumpers from around the globe for today’s Instagram roundup presented by Kentucky Performance Products.


The Cheeky Monkey Devon Fall Classic 2014 GN guys~

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Well that’s a wrap on Pony Finals 2018! Lash was awesome this entire week with 2 clear rounds out of 4. We had a clear round in the Welcome Class, then on team night i had 11 faults in the first round and a clear round in the second. Zone 2 ended up 4th over all! Last night we did the individual phase and ended up getting eliminated because lash was very tired. I am super proud of lash though and we definitely got a lot further then we did last year! Now onto Zone 2 children’s jumper finals in two weeks!❤️ Also go check out @giddy_up_goodies . They send out boxes each month, it is $45 for a year subscription and you will get a big box filled with things from big brands. You can also get a mystery box for $20 that you don’t know what’s in it. Each month there are different items in each box. Giddy Up Goodies has anything from treats to stuff for the rider or horse!:) Review on the september box should be coming soon💚 @giddy_up_goodies

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