Prepping for Pony Finals 2018, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

With USEF Pony Finals less than a month away, pony jockeys all over the country are gearing up for another week of intense, yet adorable, competition. We have rounded up some of this years qualified contenders who aim to give Pony Finals 2018 a run for the money in hopes of bringing home one of the top titles. Check out all of the adorable show names, wickedly large hair bows and picture perfect pony cuteness in this Instagram roundup presented by Kentucky Performance Products.

We’ve had a phenomenal last two weeks at #blenehimspringclassic1 and #blenheimspringclassic2! Some highlights include: #ava&jett qualifying for #ponyfinals2018 #paige&henry winning top ribbons in their classes in their first show together! #claire&camille putting in great rounds in the jumper ring proving they are ready to move up to the next division for spring classic 4. #blue&hailey winning great ribbons in the hunter and jumper ring! #sharon&corum 1/2point away from reserve champion in a new division and the first time showing her amazing 7 year old!! #isabelle&willow laying it down in their first jumper show together and earning reserve champion in the .75 jumpers!! #ally&vera stepping into the 1.15m jumpers and killing it!!! #maddycatchriding so many ponies and helping to qualify both!!! And best of all #Devon stepping back into the big show ring with some incredibly talented horses!! #grandprixwifeyagain 😉 cannot wait to see what the kids have in store for Blenheim weeks 3&4! So nice when the show is in our backyard!!

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