Presidents Day History Lesson: Teddy Roosevelt was a Jumping Machine

In honor of Presidents Day, we’re taking a moment away from the hubbub of modern hunter/jumper delirium to appreciate one of the great leaders of the free world doin’ his thang: Teddy Roosevelt.

The 26th President was a magnificent horsemen both in battle and on the hunt. He’d ranched in the Dakotas, been legendary as a member of the Rough Riders in the Spanish American War, and ridden casually around DC almost daily during his presidency. His was the last presidency to make full use of the White House stables before they were re-purposed for the “horseless carriage”.

algonquinphotoTeddy’s son Quentin on the pony Algonquin on the White House lawn, 1902. PC: Library of Congress. 

T.R. loved his horses ferociously, (his favorite was a mount named Bleistein, but he also loved Renown, Roswell, Rusty, Jocko, Root, Grey, Dawn, Wyoming, and Yangenka) and horseback riding was a beloved favorite pastime, which he enjoyed in the wilderness across the United States and on multiple continents. We’ve dug up a few of our favorite shots of Pres. T.R. at work in the fields, courtesy of The Theodore Roosevelt Almanac.

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If you’re lucky enough to have the day off, we hope you’re enjoying it at the barn! Go T.R. and Go Jumping.