Pros Mix Up Show Prep at Home, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Many of us are waiting with bated breath for shows to start soon. In Florida, some shows start in three days.  In some other states, shows start in June.  It has been odd, to say the least, to be home for longer than usual before going off to show…not that our horses mind.  Your favorite professionals aren’t sitting idly, though!  We teamed up with Kentucky Performance Products to give you a look at what riders are doing at home with their horses to get ready for shows, from gridwork to interspersing the workload with some fun, new disciplines.  Let’s go!

No stirrups for Lauren Hough?  No big deal.

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No stirrups through a grid with Cana today ❤️

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The team at Madden Mountain is enjoying some brisk trail rides.


Bring on the gridwork!

We actually didn’t know that you could ride horses that typically drive — check out Chester Weber’s horse, Boris!

Dani G. Waldman goes cross-country…

…and of course, keeping your own fitness up is important, too, as Kent Farrington demonstrates a la Bruce Lee.

Go Jumping!

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