Rain at the Roman Ruins – Back at the Barn With Kentucky Performance Products

Everything was shaping up for a magnificent weekend in Rome for the Global Champions Tour: They put up a gorgeous arena in the historic Stadio dei Marmi, an iconic art deco sports complex in Rome. The standings were heating up for the tour, and dozens of Olympians were on hand to duke it out coliseum style in the Global Champions League.

But the weather had other plans.

A torrential downpour complete with lightning, thunder, and hail forced organizers to postpone the Grand Prix and ultimately cancel the Global Champions League portion of the event altogether. The teams divided the money and points equally, and will meet again in Vienna this weekend.

That being said, the photos from the event are no less incredible! Take a look at the shocking conditions that cancelled a multi-million dollar event.

Everything was looking perfectly gorgeous at first . . .

and then a little more ominous:

Before devolving into this:

That umbrella did wonders for me #LGCTRome #Repost @reesapihu with @repostapp ・・・ Meanwhile in Rome

A photo posted by Georgie Harvey (@georgie.equest) on

Heavy rain and thunderstorms at the #LGCTRome ☔️? ? #BenedettaSistopaoli

A photo posted by Martina Boccia (@tacchiacavallo) on

Toujours pas de signe de reprise à Rome où l'état de la piste devient critique ! #lgct #lgctroma #equestrian

A photo posted by Equestrian EquidiaTV Officiel (@equestrian_lemag) on

Le Grand Prix de Rome stoppé à cause des pluies diluviennes ! #equestrian #lgct #lgctroma

A video posted by Equestrian EquidiaTV Officiel (@equestrian_lemag) on

complete with crazy lightning:rain-delayPC: Stefano Grasso/LGCT

It turns out this is a bit of a tradition/curse on the Roman leg of the Global Champions Tour, because this is what it looked like last year, as well:

Though of course in a romantic city like Rome, not every thunderstorm has to be a tragedy!

We’re proud of the Global Champions team for putting the horses and their welfare first. That decision surely makes their bottom line take a hit, but we’d expect no less from a tour established by and for true horsemen. That’s definitely a romance I can get behind.

Go Romance, and Go Jumping.


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