Riding With a Smile: Back at the Barn with Kentucky Performance Products

One of the things I love most about jumping is how entirely engrossing it is; you must be entirely present, undistracted, and fully focused on the task before you. Sometimes this means that there isn’t always room for that feeling of elation and euphoria – that jumping high that we first felt over a crossrail and propelled us forward into this insane sport.

But sometimes, everything just clicks and you have a split second to appreciate the incredible experience we’re afforded every day as people who one way or another have managed to get in and stay in this universe, and that smile sneaks onto our face, unable to hold in how great it all is.

Here’s a few riders waving that happy flag – from the cheeky grin to the sneaky Mona Lisa smile.

HITS On the Hudson IV – Saugerties, NY // Might be heading to the Head of the Bay Classic I later today at Grazing Fields!

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Our lesson yesterday wasn't the best. He jumped really well, so my trainer decided to try jumping a little higher than we usually do. (Highest both me and him have ever jumped) He jumped the first jumps in the course perfectly, but I had a terrible approach to this fence and messed up his striding, so he kinda crashed through the jump (not injured). After that his confidence was really shaken and he didn't even want to go over a simple pole. We worked it out in the end and jumped it again, but I am so mad at myself for my sh***y riding… we decided that my trainer should jump him from time to time over some higher fences to build up his confidence 👍 Moments like these where I'm happy I have my #mykavallerie gel pad to at least cushion me kinda collapsing on him after the messed up jump

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Remember to look for the joy in your ride, and go jumping!


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