Ring Style Jaw Dropper: Savanah Stuart’s Blush Pink Coat

We spotted this pretty pair at the Menlo Charity Horse Show this weekend, and we simply couldn’t resist sharing with the fashionistas of Jumper Nation, courtesy of photographer Sofia Jain:

Menlo is a wrap! Thank you to the team!

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Savanah Stuart of Magnolia Farms sported a spectacular blush pink coat in the 1.30m JR/AO Jumpers this weekend aboard Fleury, her own 11-year-old Westphalian gelding who makes a striking, shiny contrast to the light coat.

But before you start tearing apart every equestrian website looking for this magic piece of apparel, we bear bad news: this jacket is one of a kind! She had it custom made, so it might take some $$ and ingenuity to get one of your own.

If you’re feeling inspired by the color but aren’t ready to commit to a custom order, you might consider a show shirt with a touch of the delicate (and flattering!) color.


Get your pink on, and Go Jumping!