Scenes from Menlo Charity Horse Show, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

The Menlo Charity Horse Show is always a stunner of an event, and we’re always eager to see the sights and sounds roll in. This year was no different, and there were numerous pro and amateur photographers on hand capturing every singular moment. From squeezable lead-liners to top-notch derby horses, it’s a sight to behold!

Moreover, it’s one of the great charitable shows in our nation’s history; they’ve raised millions of dollars in charitable donations over the years, including more than $6 million for their current partner, the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. They have been a charitable event since they opened their doors in 1970, and are now recognized as a Heritage Event by US Equestrian.

Take a virtual stroll around the Menlo Charity Horse Show, courtesy of our friends at Kentucky Performance Products!

Menlo has the best prizes. 😀#menlo2017 #hjstyle #horseshow #hunter #jumper #horses

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A masterclass in how to create an arena in a few days for hundreds of riders to use for the length of the Menlo Charity Horse Show. ➡️It starts with a well thought out plan. ➡️After prepping the site, the GGT mats are laid down on the polo field. ➡️Then the footing is delivered. ➡️Attwood creates a safe and reliable surface for hundreds of horses and riders to warm up on for the duration of the show! #MENLO2017 @menlocharityhorseshow #attwoodcreations #attwoodequestriansurfaces #horsesofinstagram #horsehour #equinehour #thebestfooting #drfooting
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Baranus in the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby at the Menlo Charity Horse Show. #menlo2017 #LMEquestrian

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Love you @wendykrohn !! Thanks to you and Westport for a fantastic three years and for finding me the horse of my dreams💙

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Harley Brown over the signature @menlocharityhorseshow jump! #menlo2017 #harleybrown #menlohorseshow2017 #menlo pc: @sjappel

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#menlo2017 AA Classic

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Thanks again lil Wingnut😍😘❤️

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What to do at 7 am at a horse show? Rock out, of course! Photo: Deb Dawson

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Best pony ever!

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Congratulations to @loyen81 and Tomboy second in the AA Classic! #horsesofwindyhill

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Go Menlo, and Go Jumping!

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