Seven Things Every Equestrian Loves, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

We may all have our own individual tastes when it comes to horses or tack, but there is a lot of common ground in the realm of horses. There are a handful of things that just bring us happiness in our hearts, no matter what saddle we ride in or what colors our saddle pads are. We collaborated with the team at Kentucky Performance Products to bring you this collage of ten things bound to make every equestrian’s heart flutter.

Immaculate Braiding

Seriously, one of the most stunning things on earth is a well-braided horses. No matter if  you are a hunter or jumper, we can all appreciate the art and patience that goes into a nicely braided mane or tail.

A Clean Barn Aisle

I am 100% convinced that there is nothing more soothing to the soul than a pristine barn aisle. Sure, my house may be a disaster mess, but you could EAT off of the floors of my barn (okay… so maybe not, but you get my drift).

Shiny Coats

A bright and shining coat isn’t something that just happens overnight, so forgive me for drooling a little when a stunning horse strolls by with a coat that glimmers in the sun like Edward Cullen himself. Someone invested HOURS of currying and developed a proper nutrition plan to get that horse in that condition, and that is something to be respected.

That New Tack Feeling

One thing that spans across disciplines is the tickle in our tummy that we get after leaving the tack store with gobs of things we may or may not have needed… oops. You just can’t beat a good tack haul!

Fresh Cut Hay

Round bales, square bales, alfalfa or grass- we don’t discriminate! A barn full of hay is one of the sweetest smells and feelings that any horse lover will ever experience.

A Lush and Luxuriously Bedded Stall

I know it is not just me who gets delighted at the sight of a beautifully bedded stall. My horse is a pig, so every time I fill his stall with fresh, clean shavings, I almost want to take a dive in for myself! And what on earth is cuter than seeing your horse roll in his/her fresh shavings immediately? Go on… I’ll wait…

Happy Horses in Turnout

Sometimes I disappear at night just to go watch my horses graze happily in their turnout paddocks. My husband even spoiled me by hanging me a hammock in the neighboring tree so I can watch them mill around from a comfortable space. Happy horses= happy horse owners, and horses definitely love their turnout!

Go Jumping!

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