The Longines Global Champions Tour has been dazzling fans in Shanghai this weekend, and they’ve been returning the favor. I can’t help but be reminded of the Old Guard’s descriptions of the days when they used to hold the Maclay Finals at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and stars like Elizabeth Taylor would show up in pearls and mink coats.

There are still many shows that attract a certain flair of society in the hospitality tents, but rarely do you see the WHOLE CROWD dressed to the nines to attend a horse show.

The organizers of the Longines Global Champions Tour and the local government in Shanghai just announced a multi-year plan for the Tour to return, so we’ll be seeing much more of Shanghai’s enthusiasm to come! Check out a full gallery of some of our favorite looks below.


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Amazing Lina Ma #fashion #longines #Shanghai #fun #hat #elegance

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