Daily Gift Guide: OTTB Necklace and More Subtle Horse Jewelry from Swanky Saddle Co.

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Today’s feature is one of my favorites, if only because I’m old enough to remember the days of my childhood when 95% of horse jewelry was targeted toward another generation: Either everything in equine jewelry was intended for new age, chakra-crystal-laden hippie ladies, or it was rhinestone-laden, unimaginative jewelry for little girls to wear, and none of it felt cool.

But the internet happened, and today we have an incredible assortment of jewelry that displays your equine pride with a subtle, modern edge, and no one does it better than Swanky Saddle Co.

They have a wonderful collection of brilliant and barely equine designs in light, delicate bangles and chains, as well as heavier and more modern options in leather cuffs and wrist straps. (perfect for the teenage barn rat in your life!)

Braided Reins Cuff, available on swankysaddle.com

Leather braided reins cuff, available on swankysaddle.com

Gold or Silver stirrup bangle, available on swankysaddle.com

Leather stirrup wrist strap, available on swankysaddle.com

But our favorite might be the custom necklace options for OTTB lovers, which gives you the option of a leather or metal chain, and either one or two pendants. You can add the horse’s name and tattoo number to a single pendant or one to each pendant, ensuring that no one misses the full story behind the wonder horse.

OTTB Necklace with one or two pendants, available on swankysaddle.com

See the full line of jewelry – as well as custom name plates, stall plates, saddle plates, charms, and of course full lines of custom apparel – at Swanky Saddle’s Website.

You can learn more about this awesome company and how they narrowly survived hurricane season in the Florida Keys here. (So certainly a small business you can feel good about supporting!)