SmartPak Once Again a Premier Sponsor for the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

SmartPak once again will be a premier sponsor for the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, September 2020 in Traverse City, Michigan.  SOJT Founder and Chairman Jeff Papows, PhD says, “Smartpak has been with us from the very beginning, sponsoring the Rider’s tent providing an oasis and place of comfort to relax, view great sport and converse with your trainers, owners, and students.  This year 2020 will be no different.  I use Smartpak myself, all but exclusively because of great service, fast and courteous staff, and the sense I am talking to other equestrians and riders no matter what my needs.  I have enjoyed that experience with them for twenty plus years and it has never faltered.”

The Rider’s Tent. Photo by Silver Oak Jumper Tournament.

Competitors will look forward to enjoying the Rider’s Tent and oasis at the upcoming Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, thanks to SmartPak!

About SmartPak

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