SmartPak’s Ask a Non-Rider, Jumpers Part 3

Out of the most unlikely sources comes great wisdom… such as the commentary on this jumping round by the non-riders of SmartPak. Enjoy the latest installment of this hilarious video series!

It’s Part 3 of SmartPak‘s hilariously redesigned “Ask a Non-Rider” series: we’ve graduated from identifying tail bags and grazing muzzles and we’ve moved on to commentary on a performance, all done by the non-riders of SmartPak’s headquarters. (No matter how horsey the company, it still takes a lot of non-horsey folks to keep the world turning — remember that.)

“I think I saw her wink at her mom.”

“Nobody fell, nobody died.” (Truth.)

“This horse obviously uses lots of supplements and is very healthy.”

And Matt’s take… we’ll just let his commentary speak for itself.

So good. This series really makes you think about all the things we accept as our new reality when we get involved in the equestrian world… and how foreign these things look to non-riders.

We can’t wait for Part 4!

Go SmartPak, and go jumping!

This piece originally appeared on our sister site, Horse Nation. Be sure to check them out for general equine ridiculousness!