The Houston Horse Community in Harvey Aftermath and How to Help

Flooding in Texas Sunday. Photo courtesy of Why They Cry Animal Rescue

It’s been a rough weekend for the Gulf Coast of the United States after tremendous impact from Hurricane Harvey, and we simply can’t move forward with the day without acknowledging this tremendous disaster befalling our friends in Texas. Many coastal cities were battered with high winds and storm surges, and rainfall has sent one of the biggest cities in America into a tailspin with several feet of floodwater in Houston.

Record floodwaters in Houston displaced 30,000 people from their homes since the Category 4 storm made landfall on Friday, and The death toll rose to five yesterday. More than 450,000 people are expected to seek federal aid, according to the the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The areas, people, and animals impacted by this monumental disaster are in our thoughts this morning. We’ve also tracked down some information for those interested in doing something to help.

To help our human friends: We suggest making a simple donation to the American Red Cross or giving blood at one of their local blood banks in your area. Blood donations are always low this time of year, and it will be even more helpful now. The Red Cross are also some of the first groups on the ground assisting those in shelters and getting people out of their homes, so a donation can go a long way towards getting victims what they need. [Donate to American Red Cross – Hurricane Harvey Fund]

Humane Society standing by for animal rescues outside East Texas. Photo courtesy of HSUS

To help our animal friends: There’s a few groups doing rescue operations on the ground who would no doubt appreciate a little financial support.

  • US Equestrian Disaster Relief Fund – Coordinating fundraising efforts to assist the Houston SPCA for horses and horse owners [Click here to donate to the US Equestrian Disaster Relief Fund]
  • The Humane Society of the United States – They have an animal rescue team on standby with horse trailers, crates, food, clean water and medical supplies to handle animal rescues in the floods and downed buildings. Your donation helps pay staffers and keep supplies stocked. They have a Harvey-specific link where you can donate directly toward disaster relief. [Click here to donate to HSUS Harvey Relief]
  • The Houston SPCA – They will be taking in strays and rescues through the storm and helping how they can outside the shelter. [Click Here to donate to Houston SPCA]
  • Crossfire Equine Rescue – a Houston based equine rescue, they’ve got trailers standing by and are helping coordinate dry evacuations for horses in the south-east Texas area. Get more info at their Facebook Page: [Crossfire Equine Rescue]
  • Why They Cry Animal Rescue – They are coordinating many additional equine rescues in the Houston area and distributing lost and found lists. See more here: [Why They Cry]

Please keep Texas in your thoughts and deeds this week. We know they’ll be in ours.