The Jump is Down There: Back at the Barn with Kentucky Performance Products

Ahh, we love a plucky young thing with loads of potential. Jumps the standards just to show off, almost chucks with you out of the saddle with six feet of scope over a two foot square oxer. Here’s three cheers for the overachievers, friends!

Well today was fails and wins. D was fabulous though. We were planned to do the .70, .85, .90 but classes were LAGGING! jumping was supposed to start at 10, meaning my classes at 12 but the first class (crossrails) didn't finish until 140! I ended up scratching .90 and doing .60s because it was just getting too late. D was there all day and I got on at 2 and ended up not even going until 3 🙄 anywhoooo d got 2nd then had a rail in both classes after. They were stupid rails. One was my fault, but I could feel how tired he was. He didn't get home until it was dark because he was an absolute PAIN to load to go home. But after all was said and done, d was great. His .85 class was full of fillers that I thought would be a serious issue and he was so brave. This horse is going to be so incredible once he's a seasoned show horse 😭 • · Sponsor codes as follows! @barnestackroom : "ZoeyBTR10%" @ghodho : "zoey17" @sporthorseessentials : "LUNA" @o3animalhealth : "ZL" @freedomicewraps : "zlfh10" @ponyuptreats : "zoeyluna" · #equestrian #equine #jumper #showjumping #hunterjumper #horseofinstagram #babyhorse #jumperprospect #prospect #thoroughbred #ottb #upperlevel #grandprixtobe #hopeful #love #horse #barnestack #barnestackroom #ghodho #teamghodho #derenzothehorse

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Oh Lacey…. #thejumpisdownthere #gentrysporthorses

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Lexus was AMAZING today! We won the USEF Medal! #perfectday #perfectpony #thejumpisdownthere ⬇⬇⬇⬇

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