The Many Costumes of this Year’s Great Charity Challenge, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Where can you find showjumping Zebras and Las Vegas showgirls all in the same ring? The Great Charity Challenge at WEF of course! This philanthropic event is always a blast to watch as riders dressed in colorful costumes race it out to raise money for countless deserving charities. This year’s 10th annual event brought the total funds raised for charity to $13.5 million, an amazing feat to say the least! Check out some of the great memories captured from this weekend’s feature class, presented by the team at Kentucky Performance Products.

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Another fun year at the Great Charity Challenge! As Team Canada we were a proud Red and White! Thank you to our wonderful decorators and our team organizer @km_suth @lookingbackfarm & Erin Ballard! Lauren and Mackenzie for rounding out our team and @daniel_coyle_showjumper and @bphayez for allowing Lothlorien to dress them up and parade them around! You were a wonderful Moose and Beaver! Our wonderful charity @genesisdogs deserves recognision for the great work they do and the wonderful service they provide to so many people in need. Dogs really are a mans (and womans) best friend and provide such amazing comfort and support to anyone with no judgement and unconditional love. Thank you for allowing us to represent your wonderful work! #gcc #greatcharitychallenge #showjumping #florida #wellington #wellingtonfl #wef #wef2019 #horse #canada #gocanada #hockey #stompintomconnors #moose #beaver #canadianbeaver #danielcoyle #jumping #costumes #speedrelay #charity #supportdogs #assisstancedogs #servicedogs

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