The Road to the RRP Thoroughbred Makeover 2019, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

After months of training and preparation, the 2019 Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover contestants are packing up their trailers and hitting the road for this year’s highly anticipated competition. As a veteran of this competition myself, I know exactly how these riders feel right now: excited, anxious, slightly overwhelmed. A concoction of emotions usually overwhelms you as you pull into the stabling area of the Kentucky Horse Park on the first day. And I am here to say that you WILL survive that flood of emotions and soak up every minute of your time at the Park.

I have never been, and doubt I ever will be, to another competition like the Makeover. The atmosphere truly is unlike anything else, and I promise that you will make long lasting friendships and memories during your week with fellow OTTB lovers. The support and love you get from the stewards, volunteers, judges, competitors and more is unreal. Be sure to cherish every moment: getting lost hacking around the horse park, making a last minute dash so you aren’t late to your class, eating entirely too much junk food (hello snow cone booth, I am talking to you), napping your tack stall on a bed of unopened shavings and waking up to a taco party at your block of stalls… okay so those are all entirely my experience, but you will make your own interesting memories to share this week. Cherish them.

As this year’s soon-to-be-graduating class loads up for this week, I thought it would be fun to reflect on their individual journeys here. So this week’s Instagram roundup presented by Kentucky Performance Products takes a look at several Makeover contestants from all walks of life and their adventure from then to now.

Best of luck competitors. I am gutted that I can’t be there to cheer each of you on. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the process. And most of all, pet your pony. No matter how this week works out, they love you more then you will ever know.

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The week of the makeover is here and amidst all my nerves, excitement, and anticipation, I mostly feel amazement. Amazed that I will be competing at such an incredible event showcasing the versatility and athleticism of ottbs. Amazed at how far Sterling and I have progressed in just under a year. Amazed at how I have the most incredible, talented, kind, and purely sassy horse that always tries his best. Amazed at how he was on his deathbed two years ago with no thought of a future and yet here he is- my once in a lifetime horse. No matter what our placings are at the end of the week, I know that I’ve already won. I’ve found my heart horse. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see where we will go❤️

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