“Various Gate Motifs” and “Blurry Man Figures”: Non-Riders Commentate on Jumper Round

We simply love the marketing team at SmartPak. They just get us. From “If Horses Could Talk” to “Ask a Vet”, they just seem to have an answer for every weird thought I ever had at the barn while soaking an abscess for the dozenth time in a year.

They’re back at it with one the Hunter/Jumper crew is going to eat up: Asking a non-rider to provide jumper commentary for a round that starts rough and only goes downhill from there. The non-riders’ reactions to the scene unfolding before them is truly priceless – frankly, I think they take it a lot better than horse people would (probably because we’ve all seen too much and we’re vicariously dreading all the leg wound care).

Rick –

Oh I like Rick. He’s super into the gates (jumps) and their “various motifs”, and is just super chill about things even as they go south very quickly. In fact, he seems fairly delighted that he foresaw the “prison break” before it happened. You are quite the non-rider sage, Rick!

Evan –

This kindly Boston Red Sox fan knows just enough to be dangerous. He’s got some vocabulary, a vague sense of the various sports and does a quick course correction when he realizes this may not be cross country. He too takes disaster fairly well and honestly did a better job at commentating than some Olympic commentators managed to do when it came to the equestrian sports.

Chris –

But if you only watch one of these, it’s got to be Chris. Chris is my favorite, because the kindly soul has absolutely no chill. He vicariously feels every terrible thing happening to every horse person everywhere, it seems. A spidey sense for equestrian humiliation, if you will. Everyone needs a Chris in their horse show camp.

Thanks for sharing, SmartPak! Check out their full line of products for equine, human and canine at their website.

Go Jumping.