Laura Kraut is a winner so many times over, it makes our winning bone hurt. You might actually get winner’s elbow just from watching her win too much. The woman is a force unto herself, and the graceful, fiery Zeremonie belies her young, single digit age with her fast and brave maneuvers in the ring.

All this winning certainly came into play when the pair helped the United States nab the bronze medal in the FEI Furusiyya Nations Cup Final last weekend on the only 4-fault team score of the evening. They were one of three teams to enter the final on a score of zero from the qualifying event, and were bested only by Cup winners Germany and runners up Great Britain, who managed to put together faultless team scores in the final and jump off for the win.

But Laura Kraut came in under pressure as Team USA’s last ride of the day, knowing that they desperately needed a clear round, or succumb to a lackluster middle-of-the-pack finish. Luckily, Laura Kraut is no middle of the pack performer.

Congratulations to all the American ladies of the Furusiyya Nations Cup team, and we look forward to another exciting team event soon. (Fortunately, we never have to wait too long before the next chance to cheer the team on!)

Go Jumping.