Watch: Lisa Goldman-Smolen is BACK after Back Surgery

Lisa Goldman-Smolen is one tough horsewoman!  She’s had her share of injuries that would put many of us out of the saddle for good, from broken bones to herniated discs.  Most recently, she underwent another back surgery.  She’s now only 10 weeks post-op but back in the ring and winning!

Watch a short clip of Lisa blazing around on Bengtsson VDL on Wednesday, June 3 to win the $500 1.20 FarmVet Jumper class at Spring Spectacular I, the first week of HITS Chicago’s summer series at Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, IL.

Today is just a little over 10 weeks post op from back surgery. I was very lucky to get in for surgery with a brilliant doctor during these scary times. I am even more lucky to be back in the show ring doing what I love most in the world. The road to recovery is a long one, and I can’t thank everyone that helped along it enough. From picking up everything I dropped on the floor, pony rides on Rafa (Bc you know I can’t stay off a horse for more than 2 weeks), to keeping my horses fit, raising jumps while I’m teaching, warming horses up for me, to just listening to me complain, I truly am surrounded by wonderful people. Thank you!A very short clip from Benjis 1.20m win today. I was also double clear on wonderful Nike in the 1.40m and second!

Posted by Lisa Goldman-Smolen on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Later that same afternoon, she claimed a double clear second place with Nike in the $2,500 1.40m Open Welcome.

Congratulations, Lisa!  Happy healing, welcome back, and Go Jumping!