Watch: Ludger Beerbaum vs. Daniel Deusser in Split Screen Jump Off

Ludger Beerbaum was victorious in the Grand Prix of Chantilly as part of the Longines Global Champions Tour, and he beat his closest competitor in the jump off by the slimmest of margins. Check out the side-by-side rounds to see where Ludger masterfully pilots Chiarra to save time and bring home the win:

The two are beautiful sync until the last three fences, where Chiara actually falls just a step behind First Class, and both make a heart-stopping rollback to the penultimate fence where they again line up in time.

Both make the last run between fences in ten strides, but Ludger takes a more direct line to the final fence, gaining himself a full step of time over his rival, who landed and drifted just a hint left.

Truly incredible performances abound on the Longines Tour! The organizers and riders will take a break this weekend before being back in action June 9-11 in Cannes, France.

[Longines Global Champions Tour Website]