Its only day three of the World Equestrian Games and I think it is safe to say that everyone is exhausted. Between skyrocketing temperatures, random rain spurts, events being canceled and insane lines for the shuttles, things aren’t exactly running according to plan at Tryon. The show must go on, however, and competitors from all over the globe have overcome every crazy moment to put their best foot forward in the ring. Here are some of our favorite moments from the WEG so far, presented by Kentucky Performance Products.

Go Jumping!


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Fight back against damaging inflammation

Horses evolved to exist on a grass-based diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and low in omega-6 fatty acids. Modern diets tend to include ingredients that are high in omega-6 and low in omega-3 fatty acids, throwing the critical 6 to 3 ratio out of whack and leading to health problems related to runaway inflammation. Supplementing with the high-quality omega-3 fatty acids in Contribute brings that ratio back into balance and supports reduced levels of damaging inflammation.

Contribute offers you an affordable way to include both beneficial plant (alpha-linolenic acid) and marine sources (EPA and DHA) of omega-3 fatty acids into the diet. The horse that matters to you matters to us®.

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