Who Cuddled Best? Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

It may be the height of indoor eq season, but we’re not interested in comparing and contrasting calf position, release style, or hip angle, y’all. Let’s talk about what really matters: Who’s got the best pony PDA in the world?

We’re throwing down the cuddle gauntlet: From top Eq riders to FEI superstars. It’s anyone’s game; check out the ‘grams and vote for your favorite below!

Miss this smush back in Europe😍😍

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Okay, this is definitely Georgina Bloomberg kissing a camel, but we’re still counting it.

One of the few animals I didn't have a picture of myself kissing… until now. ✔️🐫💋(📷: @carruza)

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regionals? ✅

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We love this snuggle between Laura Kraut’s Deauville and her supergroom Johanna Burtsoff:

Regionals✔️ So so excited to head into finals with the most amazing boy!💙

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So tell us, JN, who cuddled best?

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Go cuddle that pony, and Go Jumping!

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