We love the cute, colorful AND cozy winter riding outfit featured on SmartPak’s latest edition of #ROOTD.

From SmartPak:

Since we’re a company full of riders, it’s a common office occurrence to see someone leaving in riding attire. So we decided to ask them to show off their #ROOTD (or Riding Outfit of the Day for the hashtag averse). Today’s ROOTD is from SmartPaker Rebecca who is prepped and ready for some winter riding in an outfit comprised mostly of Kerrits apparel!

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Get your items from Rebecca’s ROOTD at SmartPak.com:

Kerrits Fleece Performance Tights: http://pak.horse/1nlDjX7
Kerrits Hex Fleece Half Zip
Kerrits Knit Hat
Solstice Waterproof Tall Buckle Boot: http://pak.horse/1RHyLao

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