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The slam dunk, can’t go wrong, good for (almost) all ages equestrian Holiday gift. And could be here by Thursday with Amazon Prime shipping. Just saying.

George Morris is the godfather of all the things: Equitation, Hunters, Jumpers, Olympians, colorful insults, and undying commitment to teaching and learning. If you know someone who doesn’t already own both Hunter Seat Equitation and Unrelenting, then your Christmas or Hanukkah shopping has pretty much been done for you.

GHM wrote the first edition of Hunter Seat Equitation in 1971 and has revised it twice since, but the central principles remain the same in the sport, and the book has served as a critical informant and illuminator for decades.

As you likely already know, Mr. Morris has recently added to his collection of writing, this time not with an instructional book, but with a personal and riveting account of modern equestrian sports through his own eyes. George is the Forrest Gump of show jumping; he was there for seemingly every important moment and played a role in its creation, and now we get to see what he was feeling and thinking through all of it.

You can read our full review of Unrelenting here.

Purchase of Unrelenting is available numerous places, with Amazon probably being the most convenient option (direct link here). It’s available in hardcover or kindle.  Hunter Seat Equitation (third edition) is also available.

Go Reading, and then Go Jumping!