Daily Gift Guide: Mother of Horses Tee for the Games of Thrones Equestrian in Your Life

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We’re a sucker for a quality tee. And if it combines a few of our favorite things (Horses, Good TV, and a quality pop culture reference) then it’s simply irresistible.

This one from DivergenTee is a winner for the painfully cool equestrian/nerd girl at the barn. The girl who rides beautifully and knows everything about horse care, but somehow also has time for regular yoga practice, brewing her own kombucha, and has seen absolutely everything on Netflix and HBO worth seeing.

May we present: The Mother of Horses Tee.

A play on the “Mother of Dragons” title bestowed on Game of Thrones royalty Daenerys Targaryen, it’s a proper compliment for any woman who shows no fear in the saddle. The type who thinks lunging is for the weak and can sit the freshest colt on the windiest fall morning. And if she ever did fall off, she’d almost certainly land on her feet.

Now let’s just hope your friend is sporting a slightly less complicated love life than Daenerys Targaryen.

You can get this shirt in a number of sizes, colors and styles in the Etsy Shop “DivergenTee”. Happy shopping!