Daily Gift Guide: Braiders Gift Pack from Lucky Braids

Screenshot via YouTube.

Lucky Braids for Top Turnout is a universally admired and respected company that uses good ingredients, teaches the best practices, and values horsemanship and horse health above all else. Their founder, Ruthann, has decades of experience braiding and grooming for the very best in the business, and she’s turned that industry knowledge into an education hub for the masses.

Her products are great, and there are multiple gift packages available of her skin/coat/hair products. But our absolute favorite in the bunch is the Braiders Gift Pack. It includes all the following critical bits for perfect braids:

  • Lucky Braids DVD shares secrets to braiding quickly and comfortably.  Ruthann braids a pulled mane and French forelock, though the finger form is also most efficient for braiding tails and long manes.
  • Essential Tools for braiding and unbraiding quickly and safely while instilling confidence in the horse
  • Braiding Yarn to get practicing.  This yarn can be adjusted to execute a perfectly straight and sturdy bottomline to your braids
  • Top Turnout Tips finally solve horses’ most pervasive hair & skin issues
  • All-In-One Shampoo Sample – Wash a sock and see.
  • *NEW* Mane Comb to make uniform braids, that draw your eye down the horses neck.  This 6” comb is Ruthann’s very favorite.  The first tooth is the best size for precisely cutting straight and even parts in the mane.  The spine is strong enough to thin the mane easily as well.  This is the best comb for braiding.

We ran a three-part review (one, two, and three) of the Lucky Braids system last year, and we still stand by it as by far the best in the business. If you have an aspiring braider in the family who would like to save money doing their own braids or make an income selling their services to others, they should be doing it using the best methods.

You can see a cornucopia of grooming and horsemanship tips as well as this gift set and all of Lucky Braid’s products at their website.

Go Grooming!