These lovelies are definitely NSFSR (Not Safe For Show Ring). You’ve already got your lucky broken-in black standbys ready for competition, but at clinics, schooling shows and at home, shouldn’t you be allowed to let your freak flag fly with pride?

Of course whatever you do, just be certain you don’t wear them in front of George Morris, or may the beige-breeched Gods of tradition have mercy on your soul.

This first pair is a custom order designed to match the rider’s barn colors.

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These Crocodile skin boots might be acceptable at rated shows in croc country. Check your rule book, Southerners.

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Shiny Faux Croc Chocolate on Matte Chocolate? Yes, please.

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A more subtle sign of flair: Stitched pink patent leather trim to match the rider’s classy pink theme.

This, however, is the very opposite of subtle. Secchiari of Italy shows no fear.

We love not only the Ostrich leather on these customs, but also the bling bit finish on the spanish tops!

Oh nothing. Just your everyday field boot in cerulean blue.

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The pink, the laces, the gray cuffs . . . These boots must go with quite a woman.

The faux wood bottoms, floral spanish tops, and rustic finish have a wild west streak, and we love it.

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Ariat and snakeskin. Be still, our hearts.

You do you, Jumper Nation, and make sure all those pink, blue, and silver cow hides in the world don’t go to waste.