10 Tees Every Horse Woman Needs in Her Tack Trunk

Horse Tees have come a long way since the sparkly, new age, fringed tees you used to see in catalogs as a kid. Those were for some other woman from some other generation who just wants to ride her overpriced Friesian in leopard-print spandex and mystic horse tees in her backyard.

But we’re the new horse women. We go from the office to the barn, or from the barn to happy hour. We want to add a little pony flair, but not come off crazy or basic. We want to set the trends at home, out to eat, and at the barn. But most of all, we want it  need it to be machine washable because HORSES.

For that, we bring you the essential horse tees you can throw in the tack trunk and rock at any function.


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Get your fleek on, ladies, and Go Jumping.