10 Things Equestrian Professionals Do On Vacation

Tis the season for taking time away from the farm, whether it be to visit family or just to relax. It’s not an industry known for easily getting away, so when professionals in the horse world DO get away there are some key elements to every vacation. JN’s Amanda Cousins shares her thoughts…

1) Not Sleep In

Let’s be real, they’ve been waking up at the same time, seven days a week since their last vacation five years ago. They won’t adjust to the vacation sleep schedule until the very last day.

2) Check the Phone Incessantly

Because, you know, horses wait to attempt suicide until you’ve crossed state lines.

3) Start Yawning at 7pm

We already discussed that there’s no sleeping in, so staying up late isn’t a possibility either.

4) Call to Check on the Farm Staff

Even though the staff was instructed to not contact unless it’s a medical emergency, it makes them nervous NOT hearing from staff. Calling also helps ease the OCD.

5) Eat Three Meals a Day

There isn’t time for three, quality sit-down meals in the horse world. Eating is probably the biggest perk of time off.

6) Catch Up On a Podcast or Book

Which, let’s face it, you haven’t had time to read because… horses.

Oh and also, there is a 99% chance that the book or podcast is about horses, because there’s really no escaping this world.

7) Touch Every Furry Mammal They Come Across

After all, they got into business for the animals, humans just come with the package.

8) Check Your Email From Clients

Despite promising their significant other they wouldn’t do any work, they just can’t help themselves. The staff hasn’t given any cause for concern, so there has to be a client who needs something.

9) Tell Stories… About Horses

It feels like they took place years ago, when in reality most of the stories are from last week. You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

10) Talk About Getting Away More Often

When, in reality, it’ll be another three years before the next vacation because leaving the farm is stressful.

Professionals in the horse world are some of the hardest workers out there. So here is to all of you workaholics, take some time to get away and relax.  I promise you, you deserve it.