Watch: Top Pros Take on the Koala Challenge

I am not flexible, but many pro riders out there are both more flexible and creative than we assume.  We bring to you the Koala Challenge.  More gravity-defying than jumping a gigantic course of Grand Prix fences and more flexibility-challenging than trying to stay with your horse when you both get to an “oh crap” long spot, the #koalachallenge brings us all together in triumphs and massive #fails.

Be one with the koala.  Photo by Sayahir Hakin/Pixabay/CC.

The goal of the Koala Challenge is to climb over your partner while not touching the ground.  Ground not allowed.  Koalas are always in the trees, so you must truly adopt the  mindset of this fluffy marsupial.

Let’s begin!

We open the challenge with Andrew Welles.

Malin Baryard completed the challenge and proceeded to nominate many fellow koalas to join in.

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@janikasprunger and @henrikvoneckermann_ Challenge accepted, with a twist! #quarantineboredom #missionimpossible #partnerincrime #equestrianninjas Adding a few for the challenge: @pederfredricson @lisenbrattfredricson @rodrigopessoa29 @alexawp @lauren_hough #markphillips @laurakraut #nickskelton @edwinatopsalexander #jantops @ahlmannchristian @judyann.melchior @anderssonnella @stephexstables @stall.bengtsson #evibengtsson @meredith_mb #marcusbeerbaum @cathrinedufour @rasminelaudrup @williamwhitaker89 @elisabeth_whitaker @nicolaphilippaerts @clarahallund @patrikkittel @lyndaloatley @marcusehning #nadjaehning @steveguerdat @fannyskalli #marcandjulia @stal_houtzagerkayser @pippa.funnell #williamfunnell @jenniferkgates @nayelnassar @hanspeterminderhoud #edwardgal @charlottehaidbondergaard @rasmushaidbondergaard @jeroendubbeldam #annlies

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Lauren Hough’s koala spirit is strong.

Penelope Leprevost has clearly practiced.

Jennifer Gates may be part koala at heart.

Have you tried the Koala Challenge?  Grab a friend, attempt, and nominate – let’s keep our koala game going strong.

Go Koala-ing!