A Slightly Unusual Equestrian Fashion Show

I will admit, fashion shows have never really been my thing. I just don’t get it: tall skinny models sometimes wearing extremely odd clothing down a long runway of sorts while people clap and cheer. I guess it is an art in its own way, but I just never have seemed to jump on board.

And then there is this

I introduce to you, ladies and gentlemen, the Charles Owen runway show at the 2020 Beta International Fashion Parade.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I am a huge fan of Charles Owen helmets. It used to be that I would only ever ride in a Charles Owen, and while I have moved on to a different brand, I still like and respect the brand and would totally buy from them again.

But… what is this? Really? Shouldn’t fashion shows be relatable to your target audience? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t break out in perfectly choreographed (and slightly strange) dance before I mount up. All of the random outbursts of movement also severely distract me from the ultimate highlight of this show: the helmets.

I am trying to envision what these models were thinking when they were hired for this gig.

Agent: “Hey, I have this runway show coming up that you would be perfect for. Your egg-shaped noggin is just what the client is looking for.”

Model: “Uhhh, gee, thanks.”

Agent: “I must warn you though… the client makes helmets for horse people. And you know, horse people sometimes are weird.”

Model: “Are you sure I would be good for this?”

Agent: “Totally. Oh, and by the way, are you any good at dancing? Because they have some dance moves they want you to do down the runway.”

Model: “This is starting to sound really strange…”

Agent: “And there will be digital horses running around on a screen behind you. It’s gonna be killer.”

Model: “You are right. Horse people are weird.”

That is just my interpretation of how this probably went. I could totally be wrong.

All joking aside, I am excited to see the new Charles Owen styles rolled out in still photo format so I can actually focus on the styles and safety features.

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