5 Breeches That Look Great That You Can ACTUALLY Afford

You know what sucks? Walking into a clothing store and realizing you can’t afford a darn thing in there. Seriously, is it just me or is EVERYTHING overpriced these days, especially in the equestrian world? Take a scan through any online tack store, and you will find breeches ranging from $40 to $400, which begs the question: are these $400 breeches THAT much better?

I couldn’t tell you, I refuse to pay that much for breeches. As a working adult amateur, every penny saved counts. I consider myself the queen of the bargain rack and hunting down good deals. So I thought I would share some of my favorite finds with the good people of Jumper Nation in hopes that it helps you maintain the integrity of your wallet while stocking up on riding apparel. Because not everyone has to ride while sipping on Starbucks and sporting diamond-encrusted spur straps…

Piper by SmartPak

I am a huge fan of the Piper breeches by SmartPak. In fact, if you were to look in my closet, you may or may not find a pair in almost every color they offer. They are comfortable, the fabric has a good amount of stretch to them and you can’t beat a pair of breeches for $79.95 ($71.96 if you are a SmartPerks member). Plus SmartPak runs sales on their Piper breeches ALL the time so you can stock up without breaking the bank.

Ariat Heritage

When I first got back into riding after my two-year hiatus, I had to stock up on riding supplies all over again. The hardest part about filling my wardrobe was finding comfortable breeches that I could afford, and then I found the Ariat Heritage breeches. First off, these bad boys are pretty darn flattering, and the fabric isn’t stiff like the traditional show breeches I am used too. You can look polished and stay under $100 a pair with these breeches (they are listed on Dover for $94.95). Check them out!

Ovation Heiress

I love anything that labels me as an heiress (oh how I wish I could insert the hair flip emoji here) and I am not the only one that loves Ovation breeches. You can look at almost ANY of Ovation’s breeches and find that they are under $120 a pair. I love their Heiress breeches because they are classic, show-ring-ready and only $82.50. And a little birdy informed me that Aaron Vale swears by the Ovation men’s breeches… so if they are good enough for the pros then they are good enough for me!

Equine Couture Beatta COOLMAX

What is not to love about these breeches? The Beatta COOLMAX breeches by Equine Couture are super stylish, feature a sock bottom (as much as I love Tailored Sportsman, I HATE velcro leg breeches), have super sticky gel knee-patches and a nice wide waistband for a better fit. In short: these breeches are stunning. Any time I wear these, people stop me to ask me what brand they are. They look like a $400 pair of breeches, but in reality, they are only $89.95 (but if you purchase them through SmartPak and are a SmartPerks member, you can snag them for $80.95). My only suggestion is that you do size down in these as they can run a bit small.

Kerrits Crossover 

I feel like Kerrits maybe gets a bit of a bad reputation in the equestrian community as the “kids” brand, but these breeches are a staple in my wardrobe. The Kerrits Crossover breeches are super lightweight, making them really comfortable in the warmer months. I love the wider waistband and find the fit to be very flattering. Plus, I have found these breeches to be pretty durable and long-lasting. Like any garment, they will show signs of wear and tear over time, but all in all these breeches have lasted me quite a while and still have life left in them. You can snag a pair from Dover for $99.00!

So go forth and conquer fellow budget-conscious equestrians! Remember, it isn’t about the tag attached to your apparel, it’s about the connection you have with your horse. Be sure to check back in with JN for the followup pieces in this series that will feature our favorite budget-friendly show shirts, jackets and more. And if you have a suggested item, be sure to leave us a comment or shoot us an email so we can check it out!

Go Jumping!