Christmas Free Jumping is Pure Holiday Magic

K&S Elite Sport Horses has a pretty fabulous and unique way of celebrating the holiday season: They held a free-jumping session with their up and coming sport horses, Christmas tunes blazing and trees all aglow. It’s pretty magical, and we’re invited along for the ride:

They keep the arena filled with holiday joy, filler, and surprises that keep their horses on their toes and prepared for anything that might come their way in their future sport horse careers.

K&S Elite Sport Horses – based in Kelowna, British Columbia – brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to their big happy team and produce some lovely horses. Katinka Devrainne has a degree in animal sciences from UBC and has ridden with the likes of Eric Lamaze, Todd Minikus, and Laura Balisky, and also has extensive equine health knowledge from her time as a vet tech at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Welly.

Sebastien Devrainne has numerous and complimentary accolades of his own: an equine ag degree, certificates from the Centre for Animal Studies in France in the theory of riding and young horses, and training time with some of the best in the world, including the riding academy at Saumur, the French National Team, and numerous training and breeding operations in France and Germany.

Katinka and Sebastien. Photo courtesy of K&S Facebook Page.

Katinka and Sebastien. Photo courtesy of K&S Facebook Page.

Together the pair import, start, and sell exceptional horses as well as operate a full showing barn with riders beginner to advanced.

We love seeing teams who have invested in their education, trained with the best, succeeded in building a brand, and most of all, totally embraced Christmas time at the barn. Y’all definitely get our JN Salute of Magnificence.

See more from K&S Elite Sport Horses at their Website, or visit their Facebook Page.

Go Jumping!